Running Tips - Listening To Music On The Run

Music is great to listen to when you are out running. You need to be smart if you are listening to music as you run - but it can help you in several ways. Read on for reasons why you might want to listen to music on the run - and how to do it safely.

Listening to music is a great way to help you to get through those longer training runs. You can get lost in the music and forget how tired you may be getting. Many runners get focused on their music and forget any discomfort that they may be feeling from their run. Getting lost in their music helps many runners to get rid of any negative thoughts that creep into their minds during the latter stages of their run - those "I can't do this", "I want to stop" thoughts. Listening to music is a great to stay positive.

Another great way to get your mind off of any negative thoughts is to have books or some sort of training materials downloaded to your mp3 player. You get lost in what's going on in your book and then all at once you've completed your run. It really does work.

Music can help energize you during your run - no matter how far you're running. There are many times when you may be out on your run and you come to that big hill that always intimidates you. Or you may be trying to run the last mile of your run faster than your previous miles. And, then, the theme from Rocky (or whatever song motivated you) comes on. You'll be surprised how much that can motivate you and give you the little boost that you need.

Even though I highly recommend running while listening to something, you also need to remember to do it wisely. Don't be blasting your music. You want to have it at a volume level where you can still hear what's going on around you. I listen to my player almost every run - but I can still hear oncoming cars and dogs.

You want to get lost in your music - but not so much that you quit paying attention to your surroundings. Make sure that you are still paying attention to everything going on around you.

Think about what songs motivate you. It may even be a type of music. My mp3 player is full of Rocky songs (Eye Of The Tiger, etc.), 70's Arena Rock and Disco. Don't laugh; the beat in Disco songs is great for runners. But, whatever gets you moving - load it onto your player. Try it - see how it will motivate you.


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